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Carl Juvrud

Well, let's be clear, Field Day is not a contest.  If you have participated in the NABRC Field Day event in the past, you have used N3FJP Field Day software.  N1MM is supported by a group of volunteers.  To say you don't know how much longer N3FJP software will be supported is disingenuous. One could say that for any piece of software.   The price of N3FJP FD logger is low, and you are supporting a fellow ham who started a business writing  ham software 23 years ago.  Yes... have fun & operate.  My two cents.
Carl KP2l

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 6:00 PM DAVE MILLHOUSE <davemillhouse@...> wrote:
     Don't get me wrong N3FJP is good software, but you have to pay for it. Most contesters prefer N1MM+, it is powerful, handles all contests including FD, relatively easy to use, and it is FREE!!!! N1MM+ is continually updated and I don't know how much longer N3FJP will be! My two cents worth!
All, have fun with FD!
Dave, N6YMM

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From: Gregory Godsey <gregory@...>
Date: 6/25/20 15:33 (GMT-05:00)
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Subject: [nabrc] Field Day information

This weekend is Field Day. 


This year you use your own equipment, operate wherever you want, work alone or with anyone of your choosing.  Remember, use YOUR OWN CALLSIGN not the club’s  and you have to stay within your licensed privilege’s.   Remember that makes you responsible the operation of your site. Stay a few kc off the edges, and watch the mode segment boundaries.


So I’ve got a few recommendations for you. 

  1. Plan ahead of time. 
  2. Fire-up your equipment, check it and the antennas on the bands you plan to play on.  
  3. Print the rules, read them, and keep them handy.
  4. Pay attention to the the class you’ll exchange.   For example I’ll only have one transmitter, and I’ll be operating from home.  
    1D would be home on commercial power.
    1E if I fire up the generator. 
  5. Use whatever logging SW you like.  I highly recommend N3FJP Field Day Logging.  If you don’t have it, you can purchase it for $8.99.  Same stuff you’ve used at the K4NAB Field Day site every year.  OR you can register the whole N3JFP logging SW suite and all the contests he supports for download for $49.99.  Or buy a copy of it all on CD for $64.99.  I have the whole package, I got it years ago, and you get all the updates.  You just have to download them.  If you are going to buy it, do it soon, they are busy this time of year and you what time to load it on your machine.
  6. Plan to enter your final score on the ARRL Website, the link is in the rules and you get a few bonus points.  If you want your points to got to the clubs aggregated score use the club name: “North Augusta Belvedere Radio Club”.  Exactly as you see it here between the quotes.  Not including the quotes or anything extra.  Their computers will tally up the individual scores for a club total, which will be published in the QST magazine.

If you have any questions you can post them to  But don’t wait until Field Day, we’ll probably be busy.  

I will try to operate over the weekend myself. I will be using my call, so look for K5CVD on the air!

Finally this “distributed field day” is courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Don’t forget that. Please be safe, stay healthy, and have fun.

Thanks to K3AV and Kent Hufford, KQ4KK, for the majority of the info contained in this email.



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