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Dear all,

Ken Livingstone has finally announced his proposals for congestion and
workplace charging. Unfortunately, these plans do not exclude

If we allow Ken to charge motorcycles this will give carte blanche to
the rest of the UK's local authorities to follow suit.

This affects us all, not just Londoners!

It is imperative that we get as many responses as possible asking for
motorcycles to be exempt from these charges, so please get your
(virtual) pens and paper out!

Please let us know at MAG Central when you have done this so we can
monitor and target our efforts to best effect.

The #5-a-day congestion charge proposal:

Londoners could end up paying #5-a-day to drive into the capital.

Mayor Ken Livingstone has outlined his ideas about the controversial
congestion charge on his website - proposing a #5-a-day charge for
Central London, with annual discounts for residents, and a #15 charge
for heavy vehicles.

The charge would be enforced by digital cameras, with those failing to
pay liable for fines of up to #100, and would raise an estimated #200

Please find further details of Ken's plans at the following links.



Thanks in advance,


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