Dan Goldfarb

It has appeared and I am afraid that it is a slight let down but yesterday the latest and only useable Google Earth image of half of Ingøy was released.
The good news is that the part where the mast is (in the eastern half) has been imaged. The bad news is that the mast - although looking very tall confirmed by the shadow - is completely lacking in detail.
Hopefully detail will be available at 71° 04' 17"N, 24° 05' 15"E or 71.071534, 24.087401 before long.
Well done to Google Earth for releasing at least part of the coverage of one of the world's most northerly islands! It will be a very short time before this will be available to you via Geo-Hack through my spreadsheet or even one day on my website.
73 and 88 Dan

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