The Website plus spreadsheet revolution

Dan Goldfarb

On this I would love to hear comments from you.
My Active Spreadsheet has been changed significantly.
There are "competitor" websites out there which provide guides so that you can check the frequency and see which stations are broadcasting on it.
The title of my group says that masts are the main focus. Therefore I am now showing the data in the spreadsheets in a format which will enable you to use the website to learn more about the transmission sites in question.
The sites in each country are now ordered alphabetically. I have still left the callsigns well close to the left as they were before.
Here comes potentially the most controversial aspect of my changes. You will find frequencies which broadcast from the masts halfway across the columns. That information is not immediately visible as you open up each tab.
What may catch your appreciation is that GeoHack links ARE very slowly entering into the spreadsheets. They work so that the GeoHack page appears in a new tab.
I have immense amounts of work left to do re the spreadsheets. The reordering will have one distinct advantage. Both spotting stations sharing masts and cracking missed obvious locations are now much easier. I will work with Alan Davies on China again soon. The grouping by town has brought about lots of details particularly when frequencies share from the same NRTA site. Correcting these is a good example of picking low hanging fruit.
I will try to upload a copy if i can find time very soon. Could I ask any of you who would like to use Google access if they could email direct to me. i will then add you to the list of those who can not only view but directly edit and add to the spreadsheets.
73 and 88 Dan   

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