FW: [mwdx] EAJ6 R. PAMPLONA & EAJ25 HIT-FM off the air.

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EAJ-6 RADIO PAMPLONA (SER network) is off the air and all points to a definitive
closure. On the last days of January they were playing only music with regular
invitations to retune to FM... "For a better sound quality listen to Radio Pamplona SER
on 100.4 FM" and some other messages on the same line. Dx-er José Hernández Madrid
has been told by the station that they are off to do some works in the antenna
for better transmission quality. But well known dx-er Jordi Brunet has obtained a
diferent version from well informed sources... Radio Pamplona is off for good on MW
as they have sold the tx site for developing a new residential area. The mast and
transmitters are also been sold as scrap. Let´s see...

Another station with an uncertain future is EAJ-25 HIT-FM (Tarrasa, Barcelona province).
According to Jordi Brunet, this station is off the air from early 2019 due to some

technical problem still not solved.


(sources: José Hernández Madrid & Jordi Brunet on iberiaDX (at) groups.io)






Mauricio Molano
RX site:  Aldea del Cano, Cáceres.
LAT:  39º17'09.70 N    LONG: 6º19'00 W




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