Phoenix of the website!

Dan Goldfarb

Things are actually moving.
New (non Wordpress) host has been paid and a 2 year SSL certificate has been bought.
I am also pushing as hard as I can to see if there is any way in which I can escape from having Google Drive as a host.
i know that this is a problem for many of you. Less Google users are in this Group than I realised.
i will keep you posted.
My career is working as a good source for steady funding of the website rebuild.
Yes - incase you were wondering my old website was dissolved either by Wordpress or Godaddy or maybe by both. Fortunately within my Office (Microsoft) programme I still have a rich body of documents and pictures to use to do the rebuild.
Last but not least I have nothing but praise for the technicians. The resource of files, documents, and pictures on this very website is actually better than I have in the personal photo collection onĀ  my PC. I still am recovering after a disaster from Real Player many years ago when for a bizarre reason that music player stole every single photo in my pictures part of the Microsoft office programme. Hours of painstaking uploads from my email system partially solved the problem. Fortunately the Photos part of this website has a large collection.
The webmaster has been invited to become a co owner of the project so that he can copy large amounts of info from here into my own website. I have preserved Yes I have corrupted the website address. My SSL certificate will take a couple of weeks to bed in. The website will carry Under Construction for weeks anyway and if you try too soon it is likely that your anti virus will advise against connection.
Lots to take on board. In short we will during 2019 see my mwmasts rebuilt.
73 and 88 Dan

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