MWI/MMI/Phenomenal International Pageants

Celebrating Magnificent Women & Men Internationally:

MWI/MMI International was designed to showcase the beauty, intelligence, art & style of every Woman & Man.   As each share’s her or his ideas and goals, they become unified with their communities and create a bond of sister/brotherhood that extends across the globe.  This bond strengthens them to see beyond their immediate surroundings and situations and extends their service across the globe as each delegate shares their experiences of how they serve their communities.  Every and anyone whom they shall meet will be strengthened and edified because their paths have crossed.

Founded in 2010.  The mission of the organization is to spotlight women & men who are confident, motivated and natural born leaders. The competition is best categorized as pageantry meets Woman/Man of the Year and celebrates not only the beauty, fitness and style of participating Magnificent Women & Men, but the spirit of who they were, who they are and who they strive to be.

At all ages, the journey has just begun and it's these women & men of any age, who change the world through their wisdom, determination and passion to move their professional and philanthropic goals forward. MWI/MMI acts as a catalyst for positive global impact by providing an International platform from which these Magnificent Women & Men launch and or elevate their missions.

All delegates are judged on Interview, Haute Couture Fashion \Wear, Evening Gown/Formal Attire (Men) & Fitness. The combination of these elements, along with a passion for community service, makes the perfect recipe for MWI/MMI International Royalty.


We are proud to announce the introduction of our new age divisions to the MWI family:
Elite: 49/50+ - Any marital status.  With or without children.
Beauty: 18-34 - Married, Single, Divorced, Widowed.  With or without children.
Miss: 18-27 - Single, never married.  No children.
Teen: 15-17 - Single, never married.  No Children.
Mr.: 18-39 - Any marital status. With or without children.

PHENOMENAL – For those with Special Needs
Miss: 18-25

Ms.: 26+
Mr.: 18-30

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