Fuel tank access plates

Rick Henry

Below are two images of the fuel tank access plates and doublers and the paper template for the doubler:
I made these from .032" 2024-T3.
The top image shows the two plates, the template and one doubler face up, one face down.
The bottom image shows one doubler after the ProSeal has been applied to the nutplates, their rivets and shims.
Note the nutplates are the "enclosed type" - (sorry, I don't know the NAS number). Got them as AirVenture.
I elected to use # 8 flat head screws, so dimpled the access plate and doubler.
Had to make a .040" shim for each [flat] nutplate to rest flat on the dimpled doubler.
Some dimensions:
Access plate: 6" x 7 1/2"
Access hole: 4 1/2" x 6"
plate / doubler overlap: 3/4" around edge
Doubler: 8 1/2" x 10"
Planning to use a double row pattern of rivets to attach doubler. Of course, ProSeal will be used on doubler edges and all rivets.
Will seal the plate to the doubler with a generous coating of "Fuel Lube".  This is a waxy-like, fuel resistant substance.
Tip: I've used a dab of this on my finger to stick a screw, small bolt or nut to my finger to get it into a very tight location where I couldn't use my thumb and forefinger.  
Note: The doubler will need to be bent to get into the skin hole. A more elongated doubler would make this unnecessary.
Note: I haven't installed this yet, so can't say if, or how it'll even work!
Will post when it's done.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Rick Henry

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