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Museum Intellectual Property
MUSIP is a group of cultural heritage professionals working for museums, galleries, libraries, and collections. In recognition of the unique opportunities and challenges of its constituents, MUSIP shares resource information, establishes and supports best practices, and informs members about educational activities and professional development opportunities. 

Organized in 2001 by David Sturtevant and 
Shaula Coyl, the group primarily serves as a resource for the sharing of contact information for artists, foundations, estates, or agencies for various Intellectual Property permissions. The listserv also provides a forum for members to share information or make queries about procedures that others may follow in the field of Intellectual Property.
Since 2016, the site is managed by Cherie Chen (Getty), John ffrench (Yale University Art Gallery), Melissa Fournier (Yale Center for British Art), and Deb Wythe (retired: Brooklyn Museum of Art).

Membership is open to any professional working in the general field of Rights and Reproductions and Intellectual Property management. Information shared within the group should not be considered legal advice and we ask that private information shared in posts is respected.
Business solicitation posts are not permitted and repeated offenses will cause the moderators to remove a member from the group.

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