ALE-400 handshaking continuous with similar callsigns_APRS routing PAXmode and ALE modes


Hi Patrick

I will get details on ALE setup soon .

I have been experimenting with PAX and can get the mode to handshake and view "responders messages and request "List" which is all good.

I see this can route to APRS when APRS transmissions are manually sent .

I used  port 14580 and the connection state =connected and saw all the server aprs traffic passing .

Question : If I then go to ALE aprs transmissions there is not tab for internet routing . can you confirm why this is so .

Thank you in advance.

Bradley Glen



On 2019-11-18 11:42, Patrick Lindecker wrote:

Hello Bradley,


>Issue being experienced with ALE-400.
Do you mean in "/FAE" protocol or not "/FAE" ? Could you give some details on the configuration on the HF server (ALE is "rich"), or snapshots?


>I am using Mpsk 4.4 on both Win7 professional .

4.4 or 4.41 ?





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Hi Patrick

Issue being experienced with ALE-400.

When I use the my callsign as ZS5BG1 on my HF server and I call from my shack as ZS5BG or any other call with "ZS5" then the handshaking takes place indefinitely .

If I change my user callsign to something like 500 , 123 ,ZS4BG  ,then a single handshake takes place as per normal confirming connection .

I experienced a simialr situation when using the 5 and 6 letter callsigns on ALE -141 some time back between Multipsk and Icom F7000 and PC-ALE - ALl worked fine with 3 letter digits but the moment one uses 5-6 format there were issues as being experienced on ALE-400.

I am using Mpsk 4.4 on both Win7 professional .

Can you advise a workaround .

Thank you in advance

Bradley Glen

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