New release of MULTIPSK (4.45.2) #multipsk

Patrick Lindecker

New release of MULTIPSK (4.45.2)


Pour les francophones: la version en français de ce message se trouve sur mon site ( Il suffit de cliquer sur le lien "Principales modifications (courriel avertissant de la sortie de la nouvelle version)".

Hello to all Ham and SWL,


The new release of MultiPSK (4.45.2) is on my Web site (
The mirror site is Earl's, W8BR:

The MD5 signature of the downloaded MULTIPSK_setup.exe file to, possibly, check (with WinMD5 for example), that the downloading works without error, is equal to:


Multipsk associated to Clock are freeware programs but with functions submitted to a licence (by user key).


The different improvements of MULTIPSK 4.45.2 are the following:


·                     Under the command "Tune+AF",  the Tune panel gives the possibility to make work an AF generator with an adjustable noise level. With the Multipsk tool "Spectrum analyser", this generator can be used to test an AF filter, for example:
AF generator ---> AF filter to test ---> Spectrum analyser.
This function is only available for licencied copies.

·                     Addition of the "No duplicate" option in POGSAG, so as not to display the successive repetitions of the same message.

·                     Update of the Shipdata.txt file (for the GMDSS and AIS modes). Thanks to Andy DL1DXX.

·                     Update of the VDL2_Ground_Stations.txt (for the VDL2 mode). Thanks to Sergio.


Note about translation of Multipsk.exe and Clock .exe:  the 4.45.1 version of Multipsk has been translated to Spanish by Joachin (EB4Z), from French.