decoding with Multipsk online

Lambert J. Derenette

Hello all,
I am using Multipsk with great satisfaction connected to an RSPduo (sound card input: cable output: VB-audio-Virtual)

I would like to decode different modes from webbased SDR's, I changed the sound card input to computer default sound card, but with no result.
What should I change within the program to use it to decode from a webbased SDR?

I am using a Windows 10 PC,
Thx in advance,



Andrew OBrien

I used to do that with Multipsk several years ago, it worked well (turn OFF the PSKreporter feature though). I can't remember what setting I used for the soundcard , did you try it with VBaudio  instead of the default soundcard ?

Andy K3UK 


Select your virtual audio cable as your default playback device so that sound is routed to Multipsk via the virtual audio cable.

Click on the speaker icon on your windows taskbar and use the list there to select the correct VAC

Lambert J. Derenette

Thank you so much, this did it!


Lambert (Oostduinkerke, Belgium)

Lambert J. Derenette

I tried to switch back to the RSPduo for RX, switched back the speaker in the taskbar, but I have no waterfall on Multipsk.
I am deeply ashamed for my stupidness.

My apologies !



Fred Albertson

Hi Grtz,

Check the "Out" setting for the RSPduo VRX that you are using.

Hope this helps,


Lambert J. Derenette

My apologies all, Murphy won't leave me alone today...

I have a really bad day...