Compatibility between programs, for other languages than English #HelpNeeded with special characters #HelpNeeded

Patrick Lindecker

Hello Jim,


For information : Mixw and Multipsk use, by default, the Windows table (i.e. ANSI characters, also called Windows -1252 for Occidental Europe and America).

Note that different tables are used, for Greek, Russian…

For these tables, you can use Arial, Courier New, etc…


Fldigi uses, by default, the UTF-8 coding (widely used on Linux). I don’t know the default coding used by DM-780.


The ASCII table (English table, between #0 to #127), is common to Windows tables and UTF-8.


What is sure is that the coding used is not transmitted between programs, so RX and TX must share the same coding to be compatible.

So to abstract:

·         For English language, all the programs are compatible,

·         For other languages (as French, German,…), Mixw and Multipsk are compatible, but not Fldigi (I don’t know for DM780).


Note that it is possible to configure Fldigi in “CP1252”, instead UTF-8, to be compatible with other programs.





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Thanks, Patrick.  I set my keyboard for English International so I can now input the special characters. I was using Courier New and it seems to display the special characters OK. Now I am just waiting to have a QSO with a German station to check it. I'm guessing it will work now. - Jim