SdRPlay RSPDuo - Interface with Multipsk? with RSPduo?

Patrick Lindecker



It’s an interesting information. Better to know what is working and what is not working.


However, for Fred the RSPduo is working. Could you confirm Fred?

If so, have you the same configuration as Paolo?






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Ciao Patrick !

I'm sorry for all the trouble and bother you're going through with these RSPs!!! ...
For your info, Yes, I have SDruno v 1.4 beta version 1 with API 3.07 and RSP_TCP v1.1.

But I read that the group friend Fred seems to have done it... I wrote to him today.
I also use the SDR Airspy R2 which gives me a lot of satisfaction (more than the various RSPs..).

73, Paolo iz1mll

Il 06/07/2020 12:07, Patrick Lindecker ha scritto:

Hello Paolo,


Yes it seems that it does not work on this RSPduo receiver (the error 10061 is typical of this type of problem).


Have you previously installed the SDRUNO V 1.4 beta version, so to work with the SDRplay API V3.07, and consequently to be able to work with the RSP_TCP V.1.1?






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Objet : [multipsk] SdRPlay RSPDuo - Interface with Multipsk ?


Hi Patrick

I have the SDRPlay RSPduo, (sw 1.4RC2) not the RSPdx, I'm trying your new test 6 version but I get an error as you can read below...
Maybe it's not compatible with my hardware?

73, Paolo iz1mll




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