SdRPlay RSPDuo - Interface with Multipsk ?


Hi Patrick

I have the SDRPlay RSPduo, (sw 1.4RC2) not the RSPdx, I'm trying your new test 6 version but I get an error as you can read below...
Maybe it's not compatible with my hardware?

73, Paolo iz1mll

Il 05/07/2020 01:07, agene ha scritto:
Hi Patrick,

I don't know much about the various .dlls etc used in your interface, however the following is working for me with my 3 different RSP radios.
RSP1 (original model)

I am using the latest versions of:-
 SDRuno v1.4 Release candidate 2
MultiPSK v4.43 Test v5
plus the libpthread.dll, rsp_tcp.exe and sdrplay_api.dll included in Mike Agar's file

With this setup, all 3 RSP radios work correctly in MultiPSK with no need for anything else.

Unfortunately, I can't use any of these settings in real life, as I need to run multiple VRX with my RSP receivers to receive multiple utility stations simultaneously, so have to use SDRuno along with up to 10 copies to MultiPSK to do this.

Regards, Mike Simpson
South Penrith, NSW, Australia


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