reception of AERO data - L-band & C-band here in Germany - Empfang von AERO Daten L-Band und C-Band here in Deutschland #aero

Roland Fechter

Best wishes to you all for a healthy 2019 !
Alles Gute für 2019 !
I would be most obliged to you and especially to those of you located here in Germany - please state also your exact German Location - receiving
usable AERO data either on L-band or on C-band or on both if you could provide me with respective detailed Information.
Especially ------which satellite - which position
                         which exact 
                         location of yours
                         which band
                         which transponder/s
                         SIZE of your DISH
please !
I am here in the Nürnberg region.
If you prefer to provide me with these dtails by direct email please to me address, i.e.  fly-fechter@...
Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

Ralf Bender

Hello Roland,

you read many of my detailed information at the Topic "Bias Tee for C- & L-Band AERO decoding". My QTH is JO40BT (Germany). 

HNY to you and ALL
73, Ralf