Multipsk 4.36 test version 5 (RS41 radiosonde)

Patrick Lindecker

Hello to all,


Here is the test version 5 of the Multipsk 4.35 (through an installer) :


Paste this address in your Internet Explorer or equivalent. Download the file.

Start this installer. Once installed, copy/paste your user key in the test directory and start Multipsk.exe with the desktop link (the auxiliary files will be created automatically).


This test version proposes the decoding of the RS41 radiosonde (mainly present in East Europe)



The RS41 radiosonde is in service since 2014. It equips the weather balloons used in meteorology. It is a small box of 109 g, equiped with sensors, a GPS receiver (for its position) and a transmitter for data transmission, this one being done according to a mode poorly documented. It is possible to monitor these radiosondes up to a range of 600 km, according to the reception equipment, whereas the weather balloons can travel up to 300 km, in general. It has to be noted that the balloons launches are generally done at fixed time. One or two launches are done each day.


For Hams and SWL, the RS41 signal can be received:

·                     either from the discriminator output of a classical UHF FM receiver via a direct connection to the PC sound card. However, the receiver must have a large reception bandwidth due to the high modulation speed,

·                     or with a SdR receiver (FunCube Dongle, RTL SDR,...) and directly demodulated by Multipsk. It is the most simple solution.


This mode is available for licencied copies, only (otherwise, the decoding is stopped after 5 minutes).

Frequencies are 400.5, 400.6, 401, 402, 403, 404, 404.1, 404.7 or 405.8 MHz (but the possible range of this radiosonde is from 400.15 to 405.99 MHz).



Thanks to post your observations or reports on the Multipsk Yahoo group (not direct, please).





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