Russ Tower

Hello Patrick,

Ted and I spent the past week checking out the ALE-400 program that you modified for us to prevent it from seeking for any possible frequency change when there is a deep fade in propagation and there are a number of retries. Unfortunately the condition still exists when we are using the message mode to chat, composing and editing once sentence at a time to send.

To restate the problem, it acts just like we had the AFC turned on. We keep it turned off and yet there is a change in the tone setting of 1500 Hz, that we use to start out with, (usually upwards) of often up to 15 Hz or more as the program goes into a "search mode" when we start to have a number of retries due to faltering propagation.

I'm thinking that any and all searching around our chosen frequency should be disabled when we do not activate it by clicking on the AFC button. We are leaving the AFC turned off of course.

We are eager to test any different change regarding this that you would like to try.