Re: Issue with Lattitude and Longitude in Satellite #HelpNeeded #Beginner - #Beginner #HelpNeeded


Hi Steve, Hi everyone,

To have a very accurate location with grid locator, you may use the 10 digits one.
You can find yours using this very good site:

Find your location using the map (us CTRL+wheel mouse for the zoom) and then you find your home, click on it and you'll get your 10 digits grid locator.

73 de Thierry

Le 26/07/2018 à 10:30, Steve Rose a écrit :

Hello Patrick,

Yes not quite as accurate as you say compared to lat/long but accurate enough for my use and also adding Long/Lat can be a bit confusing)
Think some get stuck by trying to add Long/Lat and Locator at same time...

Im not sure if my exact location matters as far as privacy is concerned and for Satellite work is excellent)

Must say Multipsk is really taking shape with new modes and existing ones.... and thanks Patrick for all your input)


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