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Patrick Lindecker

Hello Russ,


I have tried a pseudo QSO with test version 3 (which prevents taking into account RS ID) on both ends. I didn’t see such frequency jumps.

However I can add do as you suggest a “Fixed” button. It will prevent transmission and reception of RS ID, in case of QSB, and it will set the AFC to “No AFC”.

Once “Fixed” set, your frequency will not move.






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Hello Patrick,

There has been a new development regarding the issue we have been discussing regarding ALE-400 AFE searching frequency wise for the linked station's signal in the event of a deep fade.
I think what I am going to tell you may contain the answer to this problem.

Tonight I got an email from my friend Lee, NR5G, who told me that they had this problem going on with a station in their group when using the Olivia mode in MultPSK with AFC, etc., turned off but the FIXED button not turned on. As soon as the FIXED button was clicked on the searching problem (like we have in ALE-400 AFE mode) the problem was gone.

I looked over the ALE-400 AFE  mode screen but I could not find a "FIXED" button offered. I'm thinking that perhaps if you can offer the FIXED button function for ALE-400 FAE mode the problem will be solved.

The info presented when hovering the cursor over this FIXED button on the Olivia screen says " Lock the RX frequency (so neither frequency search nor AFC)
I think this is exactly what we need in ALE-400  FAE  mode to stop the frequency searching during a deep fade or even heavy QRM..

Bet Regard/Russ

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