ALE -400

Russ Tower

Hi Patrick,

My good friend Ted, WB2LOU, and I use ALE-400 most every day to stay in touch. It's the best one on one program for QSO's that we have ever found!
There is one issue that we would like to see changed however, that I think would be easy to do. It is about this:

No matter if we keep the AFC turned off, or no matter what combination of "slave/master" we use between us, we find that when in an  ALE-400 QSO the program will eventually start to search around the frequency for the other station that it is having a problem copying due to propagation. This morning, as an example, we ended up 34 Hz off of the 1500 Hz center frequency that we use.

It appears that ALE-400 is designed to seek for a possible frequency change of the other station it is connected to when copy begins to fail. The problem we encounter is invariably failing propagation, which is normal. It is not being off frequency, so when ALE-400 starts to search frequency wise for the station it is connected to, it only complicates matters and we end up off of our starting frequency.

I propose to eliminate this "auto frequency searching" under faltering copy conditions, or at least be able to turn it off. Being off frequency with today's accurate digital VFO's is not a problem as it might have been before we had this technology. 

Thank you for your attention to this.


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