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Thank you very much for your advice Patrick,

73 de Thierry

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Hello Thierry,


It is reminded that 2 sets of 12 sequences form a pair (so 24 sequences by pair). The main pair (primary one) is the #1. The secondary pairs (#2 to #10) permit 24*9 additive sequences (for a total of 240 sequences).



>I have different "paire de jeux de séquences" and would like to start Multipsk with another "Paire", not "Paire 1".

By default, the primary is the #1. You must manage your sequences so that the 24 main sequences pertain to the primary pair (#1).





For information, extract of the manual



Management of the 24 Multipsk sequences (for a possible user programmation)

1) A sequence is stored as a Text file in a type Fx.SER file, x being the sequence number from 1 to 24. The maximum length of a sequence is 5000 characters. It can be put, of course, as numerous carriage returns as the user wishes (in the limit of 5000 characters).

2) Each sequence can have a name of up to 10 letters/numerals.

The file of the sequence name is Nx.SER type, with x=sequence number from 1 to 24.

3) The color of the name of sequence can be chosen. Black is the default color.

The color is represented by a figure:

  • 1 for black
  • 2 for brown
  • 3 for blue
  • 4 for green
  • 5 for white
  • 6 for red
  • 7 for purple
  • 8 for yellow

This color, as a figure, is stored in the text file CONFPSER.SER: the character 306+1=307 for the sequence 1 up to the character 306+24=330 for the sequence 24.

Example: with the character[318]=CHR(3) the name of the sequence 12 will be displayed in blue.

Management of the 240 Multipsk sequences

On clicking on the button "Sets list" (RX/TX screen), it is opened a window which name is "Pairs of sets of 12 sequences (macros) management". In this window, the pair 1 corresponds to the 2 basic sets of 12 sequences (macros). Now, it is possible to select a new pair of sets of 12 sequences (Pair 2 to Pair 10) and to edit each sequence (buttons 1 to 24).
The user can give to each pair a name of 31 characters maximum. Finally, the user disposes of 10 x 24=240 sequences (macros). Each macro is 5000 characters maximum.


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Hi everyone,


I am sure there is a way but still don't find it.

I have different "paire de jeux de séquences" and would like to start

Multipsk with another "Paire", not "Paire 1".

How can I do that ?


Thank you in advance





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