Re: Suggestion: Filtering of duplicate Pocsag Messages


On Tue, Mar 9, 2021 at 08:06 PM, <> wrote:

IMHO its easier for the User to filter Duplicate Messages. In this case i
think we have 1 Message, transmitted from 2 sites.
Well you have a message sent to two different pager IDs but theres nothing to suggest it is a single message sent from two sites (which would not be an efficient use of transmitters and would also be likely to cause data collisions)

PDW (dedicated pager software - free) would allow you to filter the duplicates plus give meaningful labels to the two pager IDs (so you could have station names, officer names, mobile unit identities etc.)

1234561 / London F321 PL Stoke Newington
1234562 / London F322 P Stoke Newington
1234565 / London H312 P Croydon
1111117 / Manchester Fire Investigation Officer

Both the pump and pump ladder might get the same mobilisation message and you would want to know that...if you filtered all duplicate messages you wouldn't know how many or which units were mobilised

PDW has far more options for filtering messdages so you can customise filters to only show certain keywords (such as specific incident types, or a specific locale)

Multipsk is perhaps good as an introduction to pager decoding or to see if some transmission is pagers (though you can probably do that by ear anyway)....however, it is VERY limited.

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