Output sound card number mappings shuffling after PC random idle unlock (v 4.43.1)

Mark Bailey

I’m using a 7300 with latest Sinclair USB drivers, and all that works well with my Windows 10 Pro (). For some reason, instead of showing Sinclair sound device, the 7300 just shows as “Speakers (USB Audio CODEC)”. In MultiPSK, this sound device shows up as ‘Sound Card 5’:



And, sure enough, on a TX, this is the audio device in Sound Control Panel’s Playback tab that has the audio signal coming from MultiPSK to the 7300:




However, if I leave MultiPSK running, and then the idle timer kicks in to lock the screen, when I come back and unlock my PC screen after some period of time has passed, all things being equal, the output from MultiPSK is now coming out on a different soundcard # (and not always the same “wrong” one each time):



I confirmed the Sound Card (Output) is still set (as up top of this email) for the “Sound Card 5 - USB Audio CODEC”. But now, MultiPSK’s audio out is coming out one of my 2 27” LG gaming monitors, and not going to 7300 anymore. And in order to actually send audio to the 7300’s “speaker” device (computer to 7300), after a bit trial and error picking different other Playback devices, this go around, I had to set it to “Sound Card 3” (digital audio port on my PC).


In fact, the entire sound card list appears to have been shuffled randomly. When I TX now from MultiPSK, it connects to remote nodes as expected. Note that if I exit MultiPSK completely, and relaunch it, the sound card list mapping is back to what you’d expect. It’s weird.

Any takers??? :)

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