Re: All modes sound the same , suddenly .

Andrew O'Brien

Patrick , I was able to establish that when I simply used Multipsk and a speaker from my Windows PC, the tones produced by Multipsk were normal . Olivia sounded like Olivia and PSK31 sounded like PSK31 . So I thought it had to be something in PowerSDR . I used a separate brand new install of PowerSDR but the problem was still there . I also have both VBaudio and VAC installed . Even though Multipsk and PowerSDR are set to use VAC , I decided to uninstall VBaudio , and planned to also uninstall VAC if removing VBaudio did not solve the problem . However , after uninstalling VBaudio the problem went away . All tones sound normal now . Very odd . Hopefully the problem does not return. Windows 10 did update this weekend , perhaps is related . 

Andy K3UK 

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Hello Andy,


This is really strange ! Could you make a new installation of Multipsk in a test directory and install a loudspeaker at the sound card output, then TX  in PSK31 and then in Olivia. Do you have still the same modulation (which sounds PSK31).





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Anyone have ideas on how to solve this ?  See


Suddenly, all my transmitted tones sound the same, regardless of which digital mode I choose.  In the video you will see me try PSK31 and then Olivia in Multipsk.  It is NOT Multipsk that is the problem.  The same happens if I choose Winwarbler, Fldigi, and others. I am using PowerSDR and a Flex 3000, with Windows 10 .  I use VAC but also have tried it with VBaudio and also Voicemeter. All has been working well until this week.



Andy K3UK

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