Re: LES Id 141 Unknown

David L. Wilson

I believe there is no LES 141.  I watched the frequency for a good time and there is no one using it.  Also, per your above, the frequency for LES 101 actually decodes as a non-INMSARSAT frequency (the highest channel number in bits but not a good frequency).  In fact,  LES 101 continues to be turned on and off on 1539.665--you will see that if you sit on the frequency--it has done that for many months--may be over a year.   And LES 105 was on the frequency 1539.695 now being listed for LES 141, whihc no one seems to be using. I suspect when LES 105 abandoned it, somehow the bulletin board filled in 141--may be just caused by a wire being unplugged. 
I have seen similar bulletin board screw-ups bu on INMARSAT IsatM2M/INMARSAT-D.  On it, two different ground locations were simultaneously keying the bulletin board and you could only see that if one looked at waterfall displays of the tones and they were "distorted" due to the same tones having different phase and there was even  a better indication of the problem--the simultaneous keying different in one tone due to the station ID's having different bits where 5 of the bits were converted to a tone.   I wrote INMARSAT about that and even got email back thanking me for identifying a problem.  My experience though is that errors like this go on unless they actually cause a noticeable problem.

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