Re: Registration code working under Linux with Wine?


TNX Pertti & Patrick!

I will take the risk! which is minimal...

I use MULTIPSK on my IC-7300 & IC-9700,  not with the right frequency indication, I have to do this manually, but the decoding and sending is working fine...

The ports are COM33 & COM34...

I can't get MMSSTV working: it only receive, but no transmitting.... the maximum port is COM16, that is probably the reason...




Op 2/02/2021 om 22:37 schreef Patrick Lindecker:

Thanks Pertti for about the user key under Wine. It's better to have a real report.


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I have earlier used Multipsk with Ubuntu (14.04)+wine and it was working well and there was no problem on licence key.
Now I have windows just because Patrick mentioned, direct SDR seemed not to work.

Patrick Lindecker kirjoitti 2.2.2021 00:03:
Hello to all,

Normally, it might work, but I m not sure having never used a Linux 
PC. So if someone uses the Multipsk user key under Wine on a PC Linux, 
PSE could you tell us if it works as expected.

What is quite sure is that the direct interfaces with SdR, the 
different interfaces with DXLAB (Commander, DXKeeper ), with 
Google-Earth and DXAtlas  must not work.



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[multipsk] Registration code working under Linux with Wine?

Dear all,

I have MULTIPSK working under Linux Mint 20 Ulyana and Wine (Win7). I 
can send and decode SSTV, RTTY ...
When I contacted Patrick to buy a licence key, Patrick F6CTE suggested 
to me to ask this question in this forum.
So has anyone issues with the licence key working correctly under a 
Linux "Mint 20 Ulyana an Wine (Win7)" configuration?



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