Re: Registration code working under Linux with Wine?

Patrick Lindecker

Hello to all,


Normally, it might work, but I’m not sure having never used a Linux PC. So if someone uses the Multipsk user key under Wine on a PC Linux, PSE could you tell us if it works as expected.

What is quite sure is that the direct interfaces with SdR, the different interfaces with DXLAB (Commander, DXKeeper…), with Google-Earth and DXAtlas  must not work.





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Objet : [multipsk] Registration code working under Linux with Wine?


Dear all,

I have MULTIPSK working under Linux Mint 20 Ulyana and Wine (Win7). I can send and decode SSTV, RTTY ...
When I contacted Patrick to buy a licence key, Patrick F6CTE suggested to me to ask this question in this forum.
So has anyone issues with the licence key working correctly under a Linux "Mint 20 Ulyana an Wine (Win7)" configuration?


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