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I've had a similar experience decoding Wefax as Antti had, not only on Multipsk but also with Fldigi and OpenCPN where some of the processing is done by SDRSharp and VAC. An additional reason for the interrupts described which I noticed is that the skips coincide with the battery charging icon switching to charge when using a DC charger with a notebook PC on my boat! The reception of the image is stable when the charger cable is unplugged, or when the battery is fully charged. This interrupt glitch seems to also occur when decoding SYNOP where it manifests as an alpha/numeric switch or loss of a character.

As well as a Wefax/digi-mode decoder, the same PC serves as a chartplotter with both GPS and AIS inputs, while at the same time as a terrestial DTV receiver when it would be painful to miss an exciting match when on a long solo coastal passage.


On 27/01/2021 22:37, Patrick Lindecker wrote:

Hello Antti,


It’s better now, just a very small loss of signal.





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Thanks for the answer. I disabled a few background apps and now only one small jump is pictured.


Red point my QTH



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Hello Antti,


Thierry is right, there is another soft taking CPU resources. In Fax, Multipsk must be the only soft to work, because 1/10 sec of reception lost and the picture is shifted.





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Hi Antti,

My two cents: I think you may have a software, maybe in background, which is, using at the same time you are receiving fax, a lot of ressources of your PC.
At experimented the same problem in the past, even if PC was a "strong" one.

73 de Thierry

Le 25/01/2021 à 17:00, Antti Takalo-Kippola via a écrit :

Fax image is not on the same line. Does anyone have this same problem?

My pc >=450


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