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Patrick Lindecker

Hello Roland,


The most interesting is to use a VAC at 48 kHz/I-Q signals/16 bits between SDR# and Multipsk (in SdR demodulation). I have no procedure, but you can see the paper by Fred which is not with SDR# but with SDRuno. However in the principle, it is not different.





Fred (thanks to him!) writes this guide "Using_I-Q_signals_between_SDRUno_and_MultiPSK". It is aimed to help the ones who want to connect the SDRUno program (for SDRplay receivers) to Multipsk in a SdR way (i.e. through I/Q signals): Using_I-Q_signals_between_SDRUno_and_MultiPSK.pdf



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I just managed to install my Airspy mini and use it to run SDR sharp..
I would like to link - set-up the latter to  Multipsk VDL 2.
I would be most obliged to learn the exact settings to both - SDRsharp and Multipsk VDL 2 - to achieve smooth decoding of VDL 2 signals.
Respective clear screen shots  would be ideal.
Thank you very much in advance.

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