LRPT Laboratory and RSP I/Q Input

Fred Albertson

Hello Fred,


>I have been successful in getting the RSP - Multipsk link to operate
>in the I/Q mode at 192/16.  A lot to configuring and testing, and an
It would be interesting to have a small abstract on the way you get this working, as it does not seem very simple…

Will do.


>tied it in both RDS and LRPT modes.
Did you read the RDS messages from FM radio?



>Now I should be able to better control the bandwidth of the M2
>receive signal on the RSP. My intent is to narrow the 137.1 signal to
>drop any VDL2 data off the edge. 

Interesting experience, even I’m skeptical, but who knows…

I'm sceptical too, but it another piece of the puzzle.

>We got about 8" here.

20 cm ! Nice for children, not so for adults.

Correct!!! Especially old adults 😉





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