#HelpNeeded with #MultiPSK and SDR# or SpyServer - #Beginner #HelpNeeded #multipsk


Hello everyone.
i have a rather complex set up with multiple Raspberry Pi's, 6 Dongles with splitters, LNA, Band stops, etc.. and they are set up in a rather remote location in my apartment, so a direct USB connection of the Dongles to my PC is not possible.
One of my Pi boxes has two dongles running multiple things, one of which is SpyServer which works great with SDR# on my network, and i usually pipe audio output from SDR# to different decoders.
now with MultiPSK i have had good success using soundcard input for things like ORBCOMM and CW.. however i've had limited success with others.
The best solution i've had so far was using "VirtualHere" USB over TCP/IP, but tuning with the built in Radio Interface of MultiPSK isn't easy for catching signals on the waterfall and tuning into them.
Any tips? is there a way or plan for MultiPSK to directly connect to a spyserver? or is there a plugin for SDR# that can output raw streams over TCP/UDP perhaps to send full IQ rather than demodulated Audio?
Thanks for the time and help!

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