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Aaron Cairns

Many thanks again Patrick, that information is very helpful & something to get me going on. 
    Cheers 🍻 

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About SDRplay, look at this link:

Moreover, from the Multipsk manual:

- If the "SDRplay" button is pushed, for any SDRplay receiver, the I/Q signal is taken from the key through the "rsp_tcp.exe" TCP/IP server. According to my tests, the "rsp_tcp.exe" server works with Windows 10 and, possibly, with previous versions (Vista for example), this depending on the files missing and to be downloaded from Internet. It needs a powerful PC. The sampling frequency is initially 250 KHz, then it is switched to 1 MHZ for all modes except for ADSB for which it is using a 2 MHz sampling frequency.
The defaut TCP/IP parameters are given below (they can be changed by pushing on the "Options (port/address)" button):

  • The address is the local loop one:
  • The port is the 1234 one.
  • The default rsp_tcp.exe version is the 1.0 one.

Moreover, the "+Speaker" may be pushed, to listen to the demodulated sound.

The "Transceiver" window on the "RX/TX" screen permits to control the frequency and the gain

To make this interface possible, several files are located in the Multipsk directory:

  • mir_sdr_api.dll
  • msvcr100.dll
  • pthreadVCE2.dll
  • vcruntime140.dll
  • rsp_tcp.exe (thanks to F4FHH Nicolas and SDRplay)

Moreover for the rsp_rcp.exe version 1.1 (thanks to SDRplay), compatible with SDRUNO V.1.4 (using API 3.07 instead API 3.06), and particularly aimed to make work the RSPdx model:

  • msvcr110.dll
  • libpthread.dll
  • sdrplay_api.dll
  • rsp_tcp_V_1_1.exe (rsp_tcp.exe version 1.1 renamed to distinguish it from the rsp_tcp.exe version 1.0).

Associated with "rtl_tcp.exe" and "SDRplay", by pushing on the "Options (port/address)" button, it is opened a box in which it can be changed:

  • the IP address: the standard local IP address is For a distant server, paste the server WEB IP adress,
  • the port: the TCP/IP port used, by default, is the number 1234, but it can be changed with the spin button, from 1231 to 1250. So several occurrences of Multipsk can be started, each one connected to a server and so to a different receiver. For this, the PC must be very powerful,
  • the rsp_tcp.exe version used, either 1.0 by default, or 1.1 by clicking on the "rsp_tcp V.1.1" button.

By clicking on the "RSP2 bias-tee", the bias-tee (4.7 V / 100 mA max at the ANT-B antenna output) of the SDRplay RSP2 (and RSPduo) can be set ("On") or reset ("Off"). Note that this option is not stored, by precaution. So, it will be necessary to configure this option at each Multipsk start-up.

About the RSP2 and RSPduo models (with the rsp_tcp version 1.0) :

If the direct interface with Multipsk does not work (with an error message), try this procedure (thanks to Christian and Fred):

1. start "rsp_tcp.exe -E" (from the Multipsk folder), with, for example, the "SDRPlay_RSP2.BAT" batch file in the Multipsk package.
Note that it can be added the parameter "-P0" = PORT A (default) or "-P1" = PORT B or "-P2" = HIz

2. start Multipsk,

3. press on the "SDRplay" button and, possibly, on "+Speaker" to listen to the demodulated sound

4. press on the "RX/TX screen" button

About the rsp_tcp.exe V.1.1 (rather aimed to the RSPdx model):

Push on the "Options (port/address)" button and then on the "rsp_tcp V.1.1" button.

It permits to directly make work all the SDRplay receivers RSPdx and probably RSPduo (but also the RSP1, RSP1A and the RSP2 and RSPduo models but control problems on the port selection), but it needs the installation of SDRuno version 1.4.

For more information, look at the Mike (KA3JJZ) WEB page:

Note: try first to decode trivial signals that can be found on Short Wave: BPSK31, RTTY or CW (Morse). Once OK, it will be easy to decode ACARS signal.




Several hints:


1. About how modes look like
Look at this address. You have the sound and visual identification of many

Note: the RS ID permits to identify a mode and the transmission central frequency (see the paper above).
Click on “ID” for RS ID configuration and “RX ID” to set in ON.

2) Calibration of the sound card (useless with a SDRplay)

It is strongly recommended to calibrate the sound-card: click on the
"Adjustments" menu button, then select the "Determination of the RX/TX
sound-card sampling frequencies
" option and push on the "Determination of
the 48 KHz RX sampling frequency (test on 3 minutes)
" button. At the end of
the test, click on "Return",

3) Sound level (useless with a SDRplay)

About the sound level ("Level" indication in % at the top of the
screen): an AF level superior or equal to 10 % is OK. About 50 % is ideal
(but not critical). In case of very low AF level, select "16 bits" in the
"Determination of the RX/TX sound-card sampling frequencies" option
("Adjustments" menu button).

4) About the help in Multipsk:

- To bring up the text manual (contextual sensitive one), click on the right
button of the mouse, with the cursor over the mode button "BPSK31", for
example, or any other button. In the example, only the BPSK31 help will be displayed.

- Also use the button hints (wait a fraction of second over a button).


5) About frequencies:

Click on the button "QRG" to get all the more or less HF used frequencies.

Click also on “Mode” and “Frequencies used” (for more information about frequencies).


6) For about CW, RTTY configuration:

Click on “Mode” for the different options (bandwidth, speed…).




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Hi Patrik, 

 Thanks, sdr play is rsp2. 

Yes maybe i will give that try



On Sat 26 Sep 2020, 19:45 Patrick Lindecker, <f6cte@...> wrote:

Hello TIA,


>I am running sdruno & Multipsk

If you have a SDRplay receiver, the most simple is to use directly with Multipsk, not through SDRuno because it complicates all.


What SDRplay model do you use?





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Hi Folks,
Any possibility on a few decoding pointers/hints/tips as i am about to give up the ghost lol. I am running sdruno & multipsk with a tram1411 discone about 3 months now and i am getting nowhere past ACARS decoding. Would i be right in assuming that my equipment is set up and running fairly well as i am getting acars signal for about 300miles in all directions. 
I am getting loads of tones and signals through uno and have studied the wiki spektrum pages trying recognise them all but to no avail.


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