Re: SdRPlay RSPDX - Interface with Multipsk

mike agner

OK all done. As for the 'chapter' numbers, the wiki really doesn't work that way.  These are logical headers that work very similarly to those in Microsoft Word.  If you think they will add clarity, I can easily add them into the title. 

Once you release the new version, I'll grab it so I can include a screen shot of the new settings on that port/address button. 

Now all we need are the details for the other RSPs if they use the new version. How about it folks - how does the RSP1, 1A, 2 and Duo (which I know still has issues) connect with this new version? Patrick, I think you have a RSP1A and you said in another message that it works the same way as the DX, but what about the others?  If they all work the same way, I need only drop all those sub-headers.


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