Re: SdRPlay RSPDX - Interface with Multipsk

mike agner

I'm very confused. The options port/address button isn't a part of the SDR DX instructions (at least the last set I saw), so it doesn't belong there.

There's nothing here to talk about how the new version rsp_tcp v1.1  works with the RSP Duo and RSP2.  We know there are some issues with the RSP Duo (which we'll have to mention) , and I will look to see if there are any issues with the RSP2. 

I would think you would want to isolate the versions because eventually the new version of MulitPSK will be released, rendering the old one obsolete. At that point I am going to have to consider dropping the old instructions.

And what about the startup instructions for the other RSPs using the new version 1.1 rsp_tcp?  Are they the same as the old instructions, or not?  And if there are differences, what are they?

???   Mike

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