Re: SdRPlay RSPDuo - Interface with Multipsk?

Fred Albertson

Hi Patrick,

That seems correct.  I tried to find out the syntax and set of commands for the Version 1.1, to verify that
they had changed,  but I was unsuccessful. 

The Bias-T command does work, but I can not figure out how to switch to that antenna port for use. 
The only port that the Bias-T works on, with the RSP2duo,  is the 50 Ohm, Tuner 2 port.  If I hook
the antenna cable to that port and use the MultiPSK Bias-T button, the voltage IS supplied to the
Tuner 2 port under control of MultiPSK.  I do, however see some "Bias-T Error" statements in the
feedback from Version 1.1. That feedback is extensive and might be of use in troubleshooting.

I'll continue to experiment, but I will probably take your advise and fall back to the V1.0 and SDRuno
1.3 until this all shakes out.

Any comments from the Group would be appreciated...


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