Re: SdRPlay RSPDuo - Interface with Multipsk?

Fred Albertson

Hi Patrick and Paolo,

I do have the RSD2duo working with SDRuno v 1.4 beta version 1 with API 3.07 and RSP_TCP v1.1.

I can get the radio to tune BUT only on the default antenna port.  The P0, P1, P2 commands that I
had been able to use from batch files no longer seem to work.  The Bias-T command does work
from MultiPSK, but only on the second tuner, which I can not seem to activate with the -P1 command.

I have a question though.  Are you trying to use this process while SDRuno software is running?  If so, that
will not work and will give the same error.

I have not had to use the 1234 info anywhere.

This effort has become very complicated.  I hope this helps,


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