Re: SdRPlay RSPDuo - Interface with Multipsk?


Ciao Patrick !

I'm sorry for all the trouble and bother you're going through with these RSPs!!! ...
For your info, Yes, I have SDruno v 1.4 beta version 1 with API 3.07 and RSP_TCP v1.1.

But I read that the group friend Fred seems to have done it... I wrote to him today.
I also use the SDR Airspy R2 which gives me a lot of satisfaction (more than the various RSPs..).

73, Paolo iz1mll

Il 06/07/2020 12:07, Patrick Lindecker ha scritto:

Hello Paolo,


Yes it seems that it does not work on this RSPduo receiver (the error 10061 is typical of this type of problem).


Have you previously installed the SDRUNO V 1.4 beta version, so to work with the SDRplay API V3.07, and consequently to be able to work with the RSP_TCP V.1.1?






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Hi Patrick

I have the SDRPlay RSPduo, (sw 1.4RC2) not the RSPdx, I'm trying your new test 6 version but I get an error as you can read below...
Maybe it's not compatible with my hardware?

73, Paolo iz1mll

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