Re: Test version 5 of the Multipsk version 4.43.1 - Improvement of the EGC decoding


For multipsk purists, stop here and move to the next thread as this is becoming a bit marginal.

LES info in all of the software is done via lookup tables and both scytale-c and tekmanoid need updating (though it's not really as simple as that as even Inmarsat can't decide whhich is which from one document to the next and the 'names' of the land earth stations also vary). Both software authors are aware yet neither have pushed out any updates (not as responsive to user input as Patrick....). In terms of decoded output the one from the website you mention is by far the best...but it's also the most expensive.
People still talk about the 99W and 97.5W satellites but that makes no real sense as the channels for those are from a single sat (4F3) the same way 24E and 25.5E are off a single sat (Alphasat). Even the LES info is somewhat redundant as the traffic can (and does) go via fibre-optic links to whichever uplink station best suits it at the time.

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