Re: Test version 5 of the Multipsk version 4.43.1 - Improvement of the EGC decoding


Hi Patrick,

Your new test version 5 seems to be working very well.

I tested today with my RSPdx using 3 VRX, all on 1541.45 MHz, each VRX connected to a different EGC software program,
1. MultiPSK
2. ScytaleC
3. Tekmanoid

In my opinion, MultiPSK gave the best result, ScytaleC needed to be tuned to 1541.445 MHz and then drifted a bit more. Tekmanoid worked fine, but gave no LES data.

Of interest, you now have MultiPSK giving message ID in Octal, ScytaleC gives it in both Decimal and Hex and Tekmanoid does not give the raw data at all.

Regards, Mike Simpson
South Penrith, NSW, Australia

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