problems linking multiPSK through a virtual serial port to google earth. #Beginner


i got APRS decoding set up in multipsk with a virtual audio cable from sdr#, and when i select google earth in the APRS menu it opens google earth (its called google earth pro now) and shows waypoints of the stations and paths of the mobile stations, and this works great, but i saw the GPS option in multiPSK and it says it emulates a GPS and that i can send information live through a virtual serial port to google earth to update live. i think i understand how it works, but i might be missing something. i installed a virtual com port and both multiPSK and google earth recognize the 2 linked virtual ports, but when new APRS packets are received it doesnt show on google earth, where i have a live GPS feed enabled and running. google earth is scanning through com ports and USB ports but it never stops on one and never gets any waypoint data from multiPSK. any help appreciated.

(also posted on the multiPSK facebook group)

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