Re: INMARSAT C-Band Channels

Fred Albertson

Hi Paul,

I wrote a while ago that I was going to put together a C-band system. 
You provided a lot of valuable info that I considered as I developed
my setup.

It took a while, but I'm "on-the-air" with a 120cm Prime Focus dish
and C1W-PLL LNB.

I have no problems getting data from the 4F3 satellite, but I can't find
the signals from the 3F5 bird.

Do you have a solid ACARS downlink frequency from 3F5 that I can search for
as I position the antenna?

Here are some frequencies I have found on the 4F3. All are listed as the translated

1531.125 - 1200 data

1534.975 - 10500 burst - Good ACARS data

1535.200 - 10500 burst

1535.800 to 820 - 1200 burst



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