Orbcomm and Satellites Freq file questions


(First post here - be kind)

A couple of questions - Was there any resolution to the discrepancy in the Orbcomm satellite numbering issue? (i.e satellite tracker in Multipsk shows FM103, but the decode and map screens show FM33) I read through the past posts on this but didn't see a conclusive answer. Is there a work around for this?

Also, kind of related, I've updated the satellites_frequency file with the amateur satellites using the names from the TLE file, but not all of them show up in the 'controls'/ frequency box on the tracking screen when they come in range. Some do, some don't (I realize only the closest should display), I used copy and paste for the names so spelling shouldn't be an issue. Does anyone here use this feature? How are you formatting the file?

Thanks for listening, be well and stay indoors!

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