Request when using Scan within 141A(ALE) mode

Dennis Schendel

Hi Patrick,


In the 141A(ALE) mode of MultiPSK 4.42 connected to a SDRPlay RSP1A receiver and using it to scan/monitor several ALE HF frequencies ... everything is working very well. An example of the information being displayed when an ALE transmission is received on one of the several frequencies being scanned is shown below:


[14:35:14] [Sounding THIS WAS] [from KN4         ] (his BER=09 + SINAD=01)

[14:35:18] [Sounding THIS WAS] [from KN4HH       ] (his BER=22 + SINAD=01)

[16:23:00] [Call] [from ND3         ] [to WB8Q        ] [my BER= 0 + SINAD=17] (his BER=18 + SINAD=01)

[16:24:54] [Sounding THIS IS ] [from I O         ] (his BER=28 + SINAD=01)

QSYROGER [17:05:05] [AMD] [from ND3U        ] (his BER=28 + SINAD=02)

U@@[18:05:34] [Call] [from KN4HH       ] [to HFNQ PAND   ] (his BER=25 + SINAD=02)

PANL O[20:26:16] [Sounding THIS WAS] [from KN4HH       ] (his BER=23 + SINAD=02)

[20:26:22] [Sounding THIS WAS] [from KN4HH       ] (his BER=24 + SINAD=02)

[20:26:42] [Sounding THIS WAS] [from KN4HH       ] (his BER=26 + SINAD=02)

HH@[20:35:06] [Sounding THIS WAS] [from KN4         ] (his BER=28 + SINAD=02)



The question I have is ... how can I know/see which frequency each one of these messages was received on? Is there an option to display the receive frequency as a displayed value (like the timestamp) within each of these message entries? (I see there is an option in the Options window called: “Frequency displayed (if Commander connected)” but that does not have any effect when a SDRPlay RSP1A SDR device is being used directly.)


Speaking of the timestamp ... could you please include a linefeed/carriage return immediately before the timestamp, so the timestamp is always at the very beginning of a new message line entry. (As you can see, sometimes the timestamp is shown somewhere within the midst of a preceding message line text.)


Patrick, thank you very much for a great MultiPSK application!!!


Dennis – KA9YTO


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