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Patrick Lindecker

Hello Nick,


When you click on « Display RX positions” you sent on GE (Google Earth) the previous stored positions. By this way, you can’t update  GE with new positions (unless re-clicking on « Display RX positions”).


However, on recent Multipsk recent versions and for several modes (not all), I have added an option called “GPS” (RS41 mode for example) to send positions to cartography applications (as GE, but not only), which function is the following:

- if the "GPS" button is pushed, all positions are transmitted, via a $GPGGA NMEA GPS frame, to any cartography application able to manage GPS frames in real time (as Google Earth). The user must first select a serial port (physical or virtual) in the "Serial port for GPS" menu, on the Configuration screen.
For an application on the same PC, it will be necessary to install a virtual serial link with 2 serial ports (with the "Com0com" program for example). A serial port will be configured on Multipsk and the other will be scanned by the cartography application.

Note: to start the real time GPS tracking on Google Earth, it is necessary to:

  • click on "Tools > GPS",
  • click on "Realtime",
  • check "NMEA",
  • set the polling interval to 1 second,
  • check "Automatically follow the path",
  • click on "Start".

See for more information.




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I am using version 4.38. The problem is that I cannot get Mpsk to write to the position.kml file so I can track aircraft on Google Earth. I have the button selected for "Display RX positions" and the "Google Earth" button selected and nothing happens. Mpsk will track just fine on the Local Map or Position on World, but nothing on Google Earth. Also, if I press the "Display RX Positions" button while the "Google Earth" button is selected, Google Earth will open, then after 9, 10, 20...positions are received in HFDL, nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you all for your patience and time reading this; I really appreciated it.
Nick A.

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