Re: Multipsk 4.42 Test version 2 - DMR

Patrick Lindecker

What seems surely permitted is, for a sole Ham to use a TG x on the slot 1
and another TG on the slot 2, for example:
* TG 9: local, on slot 2
* TG 937: "Francophonie" (French speakers), on slot 1.


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Hi Patrick

This seems strange:

LA5CUA LARS HaKAN (2429132 - Norway), via TG 242 (Norway) - Slot 2 LA5CUA
LARS HaKAN (2429132 - Norway), via TG 242 (Norway) - Slot 1

Slot 1 and 2 at the same time ?

LA5VNA Steinar

On 11.01.2020 11:45, Patrick Lindecker wrote:
Hello to all,

The following test version 2 gives some more functions about DMR
decoding (positions and filtering):

Paste this address in your Internet Explorer or equivalent. Download
the file.
Extract the ZIP file and replace the "official" Multipsk.exe with this
test version. Before, make a copy of the "official" Multipsk.exe, in
case of. It is also proposed new help manuals (chm files) and several
data files (for the DMR decoding).

If you receive illegible (unreadable) messages or readable messages
which seem to a position but not having been displayed as a position,
I would be interested by all these messages (with the hexa parts).

Thanks for reports on this forum.



Steinar LA5VNA

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