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Derek Henderson

Tom Recently I un installed MPSK and reinstalled and had trouble using Display Launcher
It just would not connect The trouble turned out to be a faulty download MPSK appeared to be
Ok receiving and decoding but not connecting to DL As regards the sound card yes that's
Microsoft messing around in the background with your soundcard settings I now use an
External soundcard not perfect but at least it works
Hope this helps
Derek H

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On 1 Dec 2019, at 12:30, Tom <kc6tom@...> wrote:

hi MultiPSK friends,
I'd run MultiPSK since years but when moving to Win10 I have the same issue like some others here: 'Impossible working because there is no sound card.' and second error message: 'Violation d' accés á làdresse 72E53940. Lecture de làdresse 72E53940' when starting MultiPSK. '
Both on Win10-32bit and Win10-64bit on different PC's... -But in background (task manager) MultiPSK.exe(32) is running. Is there a package for 64?
I tried several times installation, with and without 'Install as Admin' -always the same error.
Did also what Jim proposed -no misconfiguration of Win10 detected.

I'm lost now...
73 de Tom, DG6TOM, KC6TOM
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