Re: MultiPSK Unusable #multipsk


hi MultiPSK friends,
I'd run MultiPSK since years but when moving to Win10 I have the same issue like some others here: 'Impossible working because there is no sound card.' and second error message: 'Violation d' accés á làdresse 72E53940. Lecture de làdresse 72E53940' when starting MultiPSK. '
Both on Win10-32bit and Win10-64bit on different PC's... -But in background (task manager) MultiPSK.exe(32) is running. Is there a package for 64?
I tried several times installation, with and without 'Install as Admin' -always the same error.
Did also what Jim proposed -no misconfiguration of Win10 detected.

I'm lost now...
73 de Tom, DG6TOM, KC6TOM

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