"server address is incorrect" in Traffic panel

Jay Novello

Hello -

I've been sending my GMDSS loggings via the "Traffic" facility on the main MultiPSK interface.  Normally when I click that button, I get a display of the last messages received at the server (those of others, plus my own).

But within the last day, I've been getting a warning text in that display, in blue, reading "Attention the server address is incorrect.  Let modify it ("Modification" button)".  And I get a "Script Error" requestor that advises me of an error at a googletagservices.com, and asking if I want to continue running scripts on that page.

The address that's in the field next to the "Modification" button has not changed:  http://rg16.free.fr .  So if that one is not working - what should the new server address be?

Thanks in advance

Jay Novello
Wake Forest, North Carolina USA

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