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IZ2EAT Adriano

Dear Arthur,

as a former Hoka user, I can guarantee that the price of their decoder plus the optional plug-ins, are worth every single penny you pay for. Coupled to a top class sdr receiver it redefines the term "communication intelligence".

With that said, however, I agree that its price for an amateur-level application is, to say the least, on the very high end and likely unjustified. 

Hoka delivers professional grade solutions, an order of magnitude that needs to be considered in advance.

To conclude, Patrick's Multipsk is by far one of the best decoding client, de facto free, and in continuous improvement. Maintained and evolving. 

Patrick's customer care remains unsurpassed!

Respectfully yours,

Adriano Basile, CEO
FlexRadio Italia 

Inviato da smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

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Really. Who in their right mind would willingly part with 4500 euro for a decoder suite. Would nicely cover the cost of a good transceiver. Even that would be over the top in my opinion. 

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